Vivian Apt. Achieves LEED Platinum

Seniors Housing

“GBCI is extremely pleased to approve the certification of the LEED homes below, built by Fair Haven United Church Homes, verified by Lauryn Zosiak, and supported by LEED for Homes Provider E3 Eco Group. This project received a “LEED Platinum” rating on 5/5/2020. Congratulations!”

The 139 unit project will provide independent-living rental apartments for senior citizens, and will enrich the lives of the resident community by providing a safe, secure, respectful, inclusive person-centered environment.

The main entry is located at the centre of the building where the entry lounge, laundry and multi-purpose room are located to promote interaction and community. The units are primarily narrow and long to maximize the number of units per floor and take advantage of exterior frontage per unit. To increase affordability, the majority of the units are studios. One-bedroom units are located at the ends the building. In addition, there are 8 fully accessible units, the rest are adaptable.

The west and south-west facing outdoor patio area provides an outdoor gathering space and garden space for intensive urban agriculture. There is also a ‘wellness’ walking loop around the building to facilitate resident exercise and promote fitness.

Congratulations to the whole team and especially the LEED coordinator Edge Consultants!

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